Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries

Mission: We exist to "Go and equip and train make Christlike disciples in the nations".




Announcing a new theme for church year 2013-2014:

"Christlike disciples are desperate for His Presence!"

This theme will be explored and presented through our SDMI training events, our SDMI convention and our annual Improve Your Serve. 

Our district SDMI council has decided to try something new for 2013. We will still offer training events, but rather than putting them all in one week in the fall and one in the winter we will be spreading them out across the year. We also will not only be teaching on two topics but instead will open these sessions to offer training based on the requests/related needs of individual churches or zones.

If you would like to book the SDMI training team to come to your zone please contact 


Improve Your Serve

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